The Destiny of Kings – Kings of War Campaign Supplement

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This Book is entitled The Destiny of Kings – Kings of War Campaign Supplement, MGKW09. This is a softback supplementary book for Kings of War.

Mortibris the Necromancer cursed and spat in the dust as he saw the host which awaited them. Leave it to the Elves to meddle in matters which did not concern them. With the Dwarfs and possibly the Basileans soon to be at his back, he could ill-afford further distractions here. No matter. The Elves facing him had no idea of the power he could unleash. Not even the blighted maiden at their head, whose essence he recognised readily enough… Madriga! The Destiny of Kings is a campaign supplement for the fantasy mass combat game Kings of War. A copy of Kings of War is required to use this book. Contents Within this 64 page softback book you will find: Map-based Campaigns Narrative Campaigns The Quest of the Necromancer Campaign New Heroes

All Kings of War Miniatures are supplied unpainted and will require assembly. Paint is not supplied.

What is Kings of War?

Set in Mantica, a world inhabited by Orcs and Undead Elves, Kings of War is a fantasy table top wargame in 28mm scale. Fans of Warhammer will love this game.

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