Nella Cailean - Reaper Miniatures Pathfinder 60169

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This Reaper Pathfinder Miniature is entitled Nella Cailean, 60169 and contains one 25mm scale unpainted metal miniature from Reaper's Pathfinder line, officially licenced miniatures from Paizo's popular RPG. Nella Cailean was released September 2014 and shows one female adult holding a feather in her right hand, with feathers in her hair.

All Reaper Pathfinder Miniatures come unpainted and may require some assembly.

The notches on the side of the images show you the approximate height of the figures. The first notch is approximately 1/2 inch from the surface, with the second notch being 1 inch from the surface.

What are Reaper Pathfinder Miniatures?

Reaper Pathfinder are 25mm metal sculpts and are officially licensed miniatures for the Paizo Pathfinder RPG.

Features include...

  • 25mm Heroic Scale Fantasy Miniatures.
  • Amazing detail from the best sculptors.
  • Unpainted metal models that may require assembly.
  • Huge selection of humans and monsters for Paizo's Pathfinder RPG.

About Reaper Miniatures

Reaper Miniatures is a leading hobby and adventure industry company. Our primary focus is the design and manufacture of pewter miniature figurines, paint and accessories for hobbyist around the world. Reaper Miniatures was organized by four talented individuals who wanted to create, and be part of, a company that was both exciting and challenging. Founded in Ft Worth, Texas on July 4th 1992, Reaper Miniatures quickly established itself as a leader in pewter miniature design and production. From its inception, Reaper Miniatures has worked closely with artist, sculptors and writers to create a community of endless adventure for consumers around the world.