Maverick Boys

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This Miniatures product is entitled Maverick Boys, TG-RELM5 and contains six 30mm scale miniatures.

Faced with certain death beneath the crushing wheels of a Nuem Equitum, Mike ordered his troupe to retreat despite the desperate cries from his superiors to hold fast. Annoyed at the humans blatant disregard for his comrades safety; Mike ordered the Company to fire on their own men. Such an event was unprecedented and tales of the rebellion quickly spread throughout Unglandan and beyond. Although many who heard the yarn were quick to dismiss it as nothing more than fanciful nonsense, the alarming frequency of sightings of Mike and his Troupe began to worry many. Nowadays it is generally accepted that Mike is out there though no one can predict when or where he will strike next. The allegiances he forges are seemingly random and it is thus far unclear as to what drives his rebellion, at times it appears as if he is seeking redemption with reports of him leading the charge alongside his loyal Britanan brothers, his alliances never seem to last long though and it’s never long before a contradicting report comes in of Mike spotted marching alongside the wretched Orcnar as well as other hated enemies of the crown. Maverick Mike is required in a force if you wish to take the Maverick Boys. You may have up to two units of Maverick Boys.

All Relics Miniatures are supplied unpainted and may require assembly.

What is the Relics Miniature Skirmish game?

Relics is a tabletop Skirmish game from Tor Gaming. Set in the fantasy world of Relicia, with its many distinct warring factions both in terms of their quirky looks and distinct gameplay.

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