Lapis Lazuli Blue Weathering Powder - Kromlech

Product Description
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This Kromlech product  is entitled Lapis Lazuli Blue Weathering Powder,  KRMA015 and contains one bottle of approximately 30mm of fine pigment.

You can use Kromlech Weathering Powders to create very realistic weathering on your models. Excellent for tanks and vehicles can also be used on infantry models and scenery. You can use it straight from the pot or mix with water, white spirit or liquid acrylic resin. All Kromlech Weathering Powders/Pigments are made from natural, non toxic materials.

Who are Kromlech?

Kromlech are a specialist miniature maker in Poland infamous for their Orc's sculpted in resin. They have a wide range of bits and conversion kits for modding your minis, as well as basing and hobby products.

Features of Kromlech's minis include...

  • All parts are cast from highest quality resin.
  • Supplied unpainted. May require assembly.
  • It's recommend to wash all parts before assembly (tap water with mild detergent) and using superglue to put together.