Forces of the Abyss – Lower Abyssals Horde

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This Miniatures set is entitled Forces of the Abyss – Lower Abyssals Horde, MCKWA102 and contains forty 28mm scale multi-part plastic miniatures.

Lower Abyssals often fight in large groups, moving forward as one barely cohesive mass of bodies, eager to overwhelm and murder their enemies. When faced in small numbers, these creatures are terrifying. When grouped as a horde, they are unstoppable. Contents This set contains 40 multi-part plastic Abyssal miniatures that can be assembled as Warriors or Flamebearers, including: Hand Weapons Shields Fireballs Command Options Imps 20mm Bases

All Kings of War Miniatures are supplied unpainted and will require assembly. Paint is not supplied.

What is Kings of War?

Set in Mantica, a world inhabited by Orcs and Undead Elves, Kings of War is a fantasy table top wargame in 28mm scale. Fans of Warhammer will love this game.

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