Britanan Puppeteer

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This Miniatures product is entitled Britanan Puppeteer, TG-RELB7 and contains one 30mm scale miniature.

In battle the Puppeteers weave sporadically through the ranks of the amassed Britanan armies like mock effigies of the puppet King, their bloodshot eyes peer out through their grotesque masks and roll in their heads as they mutter the secrets of their indecipherable incantations and spells, their insane mumbled chanting enticing the soldiers of King Jorje onwards to war and glory. During the heat of battle, an unbearable madness takes hold of the Puppeteers mind which makes them a danger to all around them; it numbs their senses and often causes them to completely lose control.

All Relics Miniatures are supplied unpainted and may require assembly.

What is the Relics Miniature Skirmish game?

Relics is a tabletop Skirmish game from Tor Gaming. Set in the fantasy world of Relicia, with its many distinct warring factions both in terms of their quirky looks and distinct gameplay.

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