Britanan Bomber

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This Miniatures product is entitled Britanan Bomber, TG-RELB8 and contains one 30mm scale miniature.

Unlike the more strategic units of the Britanan Empire, the Bombers have a very clearly defined and simple objective, to get as close as physically possible to certain selected targets and wait for the inevitable carnage that will be unleashed upon everything in range of the blast that will explode forth from their bodies upon their deaths. I witnessed Bombers in action myself and they are terribly effective in battle, though I often wonder if they are aware of the impending doom that awaits them or if they are instead coaxed into battle blissfully unaware that in order to succeed they must sacrifice themselves. Not that it is a massively important detail really but it would be satisfying to know the truth one way or another. There is a special blend of different gun powders used to make the concoction that the Bombers are armed and often stuffed with and great care is taken to ensure that the mix is near perfect every time so that they will always explode with maximum efficiency when they choose to detonate. The exact recipe for this powder is a closely guarded secret known only by certain high-ranking officials and members of the Arcanum.

All Relics Miniatures are supplied unpainted and may require assembly.

What is the Relics Miniature Skirmish game?

Relics is a tabletop Skirmish game from Tor Gaming. Set in the fantasy world of Relicia, with its many distinct warring factions both in terms of their quirky looks and distinct gameplay.

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