Banished Knight

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This Miniatures product is entitled Banished Knight, TG-RELM2 and contains one 30mm scale miniature.

Birds are generally held in high regard amongst the Ridendean noble folk but the Kapolop and its closest cousins are seen to be almost divine and therefore deserving of only a noble or natural demise. The untimely death of such a majestic creature is considered to be an omen of impending doom; one which can only be appeased by banishing the Knight responsible for the Kapolops well being . From the accounts I have heard thus far it seems that there is almost never any malicious intent towards the Kapolop on the Knights part and their deaths outside of battle are mostly caused by blind ignorance and freakish accidents. It is sad to think that so many of the banished wander the lands lonely, shouldering the burden of a guilt that is not justifiably theirs to carry. Knights dishonoured in such a way will set out alone into the wilds of Relicia on a glory seeking quest of redemption, marketing themselves as swords for hire to any and all who will accept them. Although banished Knights will always attempt to illicit payment for their services they are not strictly sell swords and will often align themselves with forces based purely on the opportunities available to win fame and glory, providing the cause is considered noble of course. The naive hope for redemption is what drives the banished and they live every moment only for the chance to somehow undo their exile.

All Relics Miniatures are supplied unpainted and may require assembly.

What is the Relics Miniature Skirmish game?

Relics is a tabletop Skirmish game from Tor Gaming. Set in the fantasy world of Relicia, with its many distinct warring factions both in terms of their quirky looks and distinct gameplay.

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