Review of the Learn to Paint Kit Layer Up from Reaper Miniatures


Following on from their original Learn to Paint Kit - Core Skills comes what I'd say was a natural extension to that set.

The Learn to Paint Kit - Layer Up is a kit to help budding mini painters some more advanced skills to give their miniatures a bit more pazazz! The box comes in the same packaging as the original set and is stored in one of those old school hard plastic clippable lunchboxes which keeps everything neat and tidy.

As the front cover says, this set is an introduction into slightly more advanced painting including blending, glazing and lining and pretty much everything you need to have a go.

So inside we have three Reaper Bones miniatures to have a go at. Generally these will be 77068 Anirion Wood Elf, 77134 Hajad the Pirate and 77167 Ingrid Female Gnone. These three minis give a good spread of cloth painting and skin tones to have a go at so are good choices. On top of the three minis you also get eleven bottles of the excellent Reaper Paints. These are:

  • Marigold Yellow
  • Dark Highlights
  • Heather Blue
  • Dragon Red
  • Bleached Linen
  • Ebony Flesh
  • Scholar Flesh
  • Dragon Bronze
  • Filigree Silver
  • Brilliant Red
  • Woodland Brown

On top of that are two Reaper brushes, a dropper bottle for mixing and most importantly an excellent tutorial A5 booklet discussing all the skills written by Rhonda Bender. In the case is also a foam insert that will hold all the paints and a good few more in place.

So coming onto the instructions guide. This is a 26 page how-to that contains detailed instructions and photos explaining the various techniques. It covers looking after your tools and paint prep, deep detailed instructions on how to highlight layers, glazing and shadowing. Each mini has a couple of pages taking you through how to get similar effects to the photos in the booklet.

Personally I think the instructions in this kit are better than the Core Skills set and I wouldn't have much qualms going straight to this if I was a beginner.

So, if you fancy having a go at moving from flat colours to adding a little more realism to your minis then the Learn to Paint Kit - Layer Up has everything you need to get started in one box.

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  • Ian Walsh
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