Warhammer 40k Start Collecting! Box Sets Now Available


Games Workshop have started off the New Year by releasing six new box sets dubbed "Start Collecting!" armies. For 40k we have:

  • Start Collecting! Astra Militarum
  • Start Collecting! Tyranids
  • Start Collecting! Space Marines
  • Start Collecting! Skitarii
  • Start Collecting! Tau Empire
  • Start Collecting! Necrons

So, we have a good spread of the factions out of the gate, but I'd certainly expect more in the future. The question is, are the box sets good value for money? I'd say so, and they definitely save you a few quid over buying the minis over sourcing the contents of the box seperately.

For example, if we take the Start Collecting! Astra Militarum box set as an example. This retails for £50 and contains 13 minis including a Leman Russ Battle Tank, a Cadian Heavy Weapon Team, an Officio Prefectus Commissar, a set of ten Cadian Shock Troops as well as a formation rulesheet thown in.

So, if you bought that lot seperately from GW, it would set you back £71.

Looking at the Start Collecting! Tyranids box you get even more bang for your buck. The contents include a Hive Tyrant, a set of three Tyranid Warriors, a ten-strong Gargoyle Brood and the rulesheet. Purchased seperately that would retail at £82. I reckon the Start Collecting! Skitarii box would set you back £85.50 purchased seperately.

So yes, you're buying more but if you want to start a new army, these boxes give you a good spread of units to get you going. Personally if I was starting a new army it would be certainly worth perusing the "Start Collecting!" boxsets to see if they float your boat.

You can get all the Warhammer 40k Start Collecting! Armies on the website.

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  • Ian Walsh
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