Reaper Bones Miniatures - Not so mini Cthulhu 77194 Review


I recently started writing a post about how great value Reaper Bones are, in that post I was going to look specifically at a big mini (oxymoron I know) to explain the virtues of how much the difference in cost is between a metal and Reaper Bones plastic miniature can be.

So this post will talk about that a little, but it'll turn into a small review of the Reaper Bones C'thulhu 77194 miniature which is one of the large items we have on the site.

Reaper Bones Cthulhu Close Up

For the larger models, Reaper box them up whereas the slightly cheaper items come in big blister packs. so C'thulhu comes in a nice branded box.

Reaper C'thulu Box Front

The front of the box shows the beast all painted up, while the back shows the bits in the box plus an advert for Reaper's excellent HD paints (I'll discuss these in the future).

Reaper C'thulu Box Back

And they weren't fibbing, Cthulhu actually comes in eight parts, the pot belly, two wings, two limbs, base and tail. This makes our monster to be a very grand mini indeed, being about 9'' to the top of the wings and 9'' wide too.

Reaper C'thulu Parts

Even in plastic, the mini is pretty heavy. What I like about the large minis is they plug together nicely with the guide holes in each piece. This isn't a great photo but shows a "female" hole in one of the pieces.

Reaper C'thulu 77194 part

And in general, even dry fit it held together pretty well with only one of the feet staying tightly in its hole. That said you'd no doubt want to glue it, but a bit of super glue and this mini would be super strongly fit together.

Reaper Bones C'thulu 77194 Front

So here's a front shot of the beast put together, all dry fit. It has some real nice detail on the tentacles with suckers on the underneath.

And another back end shot.

Reaper Bones C'thulu 77194 Back

Is this big ass Cthulhu good value?

Well on the site Reaper Bones Cthulhu goes for around £30 (at time of writing). Prices fluctuate due to exchange rate etc etc so I always find it best to do a US price comparison. The difference in £ and $ would be similar in any case.

So, popping over to america and checking our retail I can tell you that Cthulhu is going to knock you back $39.99. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be a metal equivalent of this beast. Reaper do metal miniatures of large dragon's that are also in Bones though, so if I extrapolate the price, in metal Cthulhu would have to be banging out at $120+ and to be honest, he'd weigh a tonne. Not something you'd want to be lugging around to games.

I've always said that Reaper Bones always works the best for ogres and beast. C'thulhu is no exception. A great little mini I'd say.

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  • Ian Walsh
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