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As you can see, in the store we have a boat load of Reaper Bones Miniatures. For those who have been out of the gaming scene for a little while or are new to the hobby Bones brought a whole new dimension to gaming scene.

Miniatures are made from a couple of different materials which are usually metal, where you get great detail on your figures with a really nice material. The downsides are that metal miniatures are fairly expensive so if your building a large army in can be cost prohibitive to do this in metal. Metal miniatures can also be a little fragile.

The other main material for minis is hard plastic which usually come on sprues. This is cheaper than metal so a good alternative. Detailing is usually good.

Along Came Reaper Bones...

With their Kickstarter a couple of years ago, Reaper started knocking out their Reaper Dark Heaven Legends/Warlord/Chronoscope lines in a more bendy/plastic material. This has been  a game changer in the way of cost for miniatures (especially single minis) which maybe cost £6 plus for a single figure, they will only cost around £2 for the equivalent miniature in the material now dubbed as Bonesyium (a white bendy polymer type material).

Benefits of Reaper Bones on your Tabletop

As I said earlier, these Bones figures from Reaper Miniatures are darn cheap. I'll give you an example direct from the Reaper peeps.

Great Value

Ogre Chieftain is a nice looking fella you'd like to paint up. You have two choices, go for the metal version at $11.49. See the picture below of the metal Reaper version. He's a nice sculpt no doubt, great detailing on the club, pelt and beard.

Here's the Reaper Bones equivalent of the Ogre Chieftain.

So a similar mould, detail on pelt and club and to be honest the Reaper photos don't always do the minis justice. So... I've added a painted version from a guy called Andy Walker to show what someone with a lot more talent than me can do to a $2.49 equivalent Bones miniature.

Reaper Bones 77005 - Ogre Chieftain Painted

I'd be happy with that in my games.

So cheap you can mess around

So Mr Ogre is less than 25% of the metal guy. I'll be honest if I was having a go at metal Mr Ogre I'd be less inclined to play around with paint schemes, modify the miniature or have fun. With a $2.49 mini, mistakes don't seem as big an issue.

Bones... Great for beginners?

Well yes I'd say so... In the Reaper Miniatures blurb they say Bones are paintable right out of the box. So with your metal minis we have to glue with super glue, clean, prime etc etc. I'll semi-agree with Reaper on this one, no priming is required and mostly no glueing (depending on the size of the miniature). They do need a good clean and you need to be careful not to water down the paint too much on the first coat as Bones can be repellant to watery paint and bead.

There's plenty of guides on the internet that show how to prep Bones, especially ensuring you wash them and don't water down paint to reduce the hydrophobic (paint repellant) properties of the plastic miniatures

And the Downsides?

I guess some of the downsides come from the fact the material is quite light and bendy (which is perversely some of the positives), Although they are less breakable unlike the metal, some people like the weight they get with metal minis.

On the larger Bones miniatures like the Ogre detailing is really good, I would say for smaller human faces some of the definition around the eyes can become a little softer. If I was a good enough painter to do an exhibition piece and wanted crisp details on a human I'd probably plump for the metal version.

Lastly, the bones material is bendy which means sometimes swords and bases can be bent. This can be fixed with a hot bath to bend the Bones miniature into shape, followed by a cold dunking to set the mini.

Should I look at the Reaper Bones Miniatures line?

Well definitely. There's a lot to like with Reaper Bones, not least the cost and breadth of miniatures available. We have a good range of Reaper Bones in the UK all classified by type to make them easy to find. I urge you to pick up a couple and have a play.

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  • Ian Walsh
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