Deadzone 2nd Edition Starter Set Coming...


I was a big fan of Deadzone and have a box that I've painted quite nicely. I spent a lot of time weathering the scenery to create a urban warzone style that looked pretty good on the included mat.

That said, I thought the minis were goddamn awful. That restic material that Mantic used for its minis took forever to clean and the moulding didn't seem to great to me. I don't think I ever painted one.

With the arrival of Deadzone 2.0 and in particular the Deadzone 2nd Edition Starter Set (releasing 23rd May) the content and rules have been smartened up somewhat.

Deadzone 2nd Edition Box Contents

What's in the Deadzone 2nd Edition Starter Set Box?

Well first, let me tell you what's gone. A little disappointingly Mantic have replaced the mouse mat style 2' x 2' gaming mat with a paper version. This won't last forever so may need replacing with the Deadzone battle mat that can be bought separately. Leaving it out has made the 2nd Edition Deadzone box slightly cheaper than v2.


Also gone are many of the cards from the original, with Deadzone v2 gameplay having been refined as a more fast paced skirmish dice based game.

In the box you get a hard back rulebook which is really nice and complete with core and special rules, force lists, missions and details of a campaign.

As for the minis, you effectively get two humanoid type armies in the Enforcers and the Forge Fathers.

Deadzone 2.0 Enforcers

There's 21 minis in total covering the two factions. So out go the Plague from the first game but they will be available as new armies too.

Deadzone v2 Forge Fathers

Thankfully, the modular terrain is still in the box which I really liked from the first edition.

So all in all for £49.99 you get:

  • Hardback Rulebook that Contains Rules and Stats for all Factions
  • Command Dice and D8
  • Modular Battlezones Terrain and Gaming Mat
  • New Counters
  • 11 Enforcer Miniatures
  • 10 Forge Fathers Miniatures

I'm looking forward to this one!



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  • Ian Walsh
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