Mig AMMO Plastic Cements – Extra Thin Red Magma and Blue Night Cement Review

Mig Ammo Plastic Cements

These cements are new extra thin cements with the same viscosity as the older Mig Ammo extra thin cement but include formulated colour inside them either red for the Mig Ammo Red Magma cement and blue for the Mig Ammo Blue Night plastic cement variant. All Mig AMMO Plastic Cements come in glass jars with […]

AK Interactive Paints – 3rd Generation Acrylic Paints Review

AK Interactive Paints

Along with Mig Ammo and Vallejo, AK Interactive paints are one of the main staples of many a modeller. Earlier incarnations of AK’s paints have divided opinion and it seems they’ve taken this on-board and hit the modelling world with a new range. The AK Interactive 3rd Gen Acrylics came out in 2021 but I’ve […]