First try of AK interactive 3G Acrylic Airbrush Primers.

After using exclusively army painter spray cans for the last couple of years (primarily due to the ease of use) I’ve decided to finally crack out the airbrush and try the recent AK interactive 3G primers.

The original range came with 3 different basic colours, a white, black and grey, I tried the black when the original range was released but after the new colours have been released I haven’t had space to set up the airbrush for priming, opting for spray cans which do get the job done.

Since then AK interactive have released 7 new colours some based off their old range. The colours include:

  • RUST

I’m primarily a wargamer who plays 40k, kill team and Bolt Action and have managed to gather a fair number of grey plastic projects that need progressing, priming them would be a start.

The gallery below will show what I’m starting with.

The project includes:

  • Black – The Chaos Space Marine section of the eldritch omen box, including 5 chosen a maulerfiend and a warpsmith
  • Olive drab – The entire force of a British/Canadian bolt action starter set includes 35 infantry a, Churchill tank, a Bren carrier and 3 different weapons team
  • Rust – The Orkish kill team terrain from the Octarius box
  • Minium Red – Sector Imperialis kill team terrain from the Chalnath box

It took a while to do (my lightbox is full of grey plastic in the pictures!) ~4 hours of airbrushing not in one siitting!

Below I have some pictures of some of the primed pieces and I’m very happy with the results, the process of airbrushing these paints was very easy I had my airbrush set to 35 PSI and didn’t need to thin the primer at all, thinning at this pressure would cause some pooling and in my opinion require multiple unnecessary layers.

The rust colour out of these four is my favourite when on the model.

Going forward I will be likely to be using these to prime any future models. The only real negative I came across was the speed in which I could paint everything and the setup time takes a little longer as primer cans are ready out of the box but I would highly recommend using airbrushes to prime if you’re doing a small selection of models if only for the control. A way this could be sped up is using an airbrush with a larger nozzle size such as 0.5mm as I believe mine was 0.35mm.

Positives and Negatives

Lets start with the positives:

  • Flows incredibly well through an airbrush with no splatter.
  • Large range of colours
  • Dropper style bottles with an included stainless steel shaker for easier mixing
  • Compared to spray cans these can be used safely inside without any fumes etc.
  • Higher level of control than spray cans.
  • Cheaper and goes further provided you have an airbrush and pump.

And the negatives:

  • Slower for bulk priming lots of miniatures like terrain.
  • Smaller colour range than say Army Painter spray cans or Vallejo.
  • Larger investment due to needing an airbrush and pump to use.

If you’d like to try some of these primers yourself we have a link to our product here.

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