AK Interactive Paints – 3rd Generation Acrylic Paints Review

AK Interactive Paints

Along with Mig Ammo and Vallejo, AK Interactive paints are one of the main staples of many a modeller. Earlier incarnations of AK’s paints have divided opinion and it seems they’ve taken this on-board and hit the modelling world with a new range. The AK Interactive 3rd Gen Acrylics came out in 2021 but I’ve been sitting on writing something up for them for a good while, mainly to give the product a good bit of usage before deciding if I think they’re a good paint for me.

AK Interactive 3rd Gen Acrylic Range

If you’re a fan of the “older” AK range of acrylic paints you’ve probably found getting your favourite colours a bit trickier. Basically the 3rd generation acrylic singles and paint sets have replaced the older style formula.

  • 3Gen. General Series – A range of 236 colours, think Model Color/Game Color from Vallejo
  • 3Gen. AFV Series – A selection of 80 colours for Amoured Fighting Vehicles
  • 3Gen. AIR Series – A wide selection of colours for aircraft, (don’t confuse AIR with airbrush) 120 in the range

Within the range there is a selection of inks, metallics and auxiliary stuff (think retarders etc) that we will cover later in the post.

The Bottle

AK Interactive have described in detail the positives of the new design of bottle for the 3rd gen acrylics and you could be cynical about this. Basically its a 17ml bottle that holds paint right. Give them their due’s though the bottle does have a couple of good features. Firstly in the cap there is a small recess to allow you to drop a little paint inside. The positive here is if you’re storing your acryics on their side or looking down aerially on a whole bunch of paints its quicker to identify that individual colour than lifting out every one multiple times trying to find that elusive Olive Drab.

Another feature is the design of the lid. AK claim that it has been specially designed to ensure that your paint bottle doesn’t clog up if unused for a period of time, and while this is no exact science I can say I certainly haven’t had any incidences of my paint droppers being clogged.

One thing that is different to the Mig Ammo paint bottles is that the 3rd Gen paint bottles do not contain a ball bearing to aid with the mixing process. To be honest I haven’t really found not having a mixer an issue as the paint appears to only need a few shakes and its well mixed anyway.

How does AK Interactive 3rd Generation Acrylic Paint Perform?

So the most important questions, how do these AK Interactive paints perform? What’s the coverage like? Is it for brush or airbrush?

We’ll get on to answering these questions, but it’s fair to say AK have certainly been building up this acrylic paint range. This is what they say:

The most sophisticated formula for acrylic paints so far. Excellent coverage, awesome grip, no clogs when airbrushing. The paint of the future for all sort of modellers and artists. Use its specific thinner when airbrushing to obtain the best results and maintain the properties of the paint.

So, that is what AK are saying. What I’m going to do is run a series of tests using both brush and airbrush to see how this paint actually performs.

AK Interactive Paints Under Test

What I’m going to do is show how a couple of colours perform with a coat or two by brush and airbrush over what you’d expect the worst colour of primer for that particular colour. For example, typically if you were painting a bright yellow miniature you wouldn’t typically choose a black primer as the base coat.

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