Unboxing the Reaper Miniatures Paint & Take Home Survival Kit 09948

During this era of Lockdown we’re finding we have a little more time on our hands than usual. To help us mini-fanatics, Reaper have put together a couple of great value one-stop paint and miniature boxes.

The Reaper Miniatures Paint & Take Survival Kit has plenty in the box to help you while away the hours without having to leave the comfort of your armchair.

First off the kit contains a good selection of the excellent MSP Bones paints which are specially formulated to paint on the Reaper Bones lines of minis. You get a good broad selection of colours in the ten different paints including a white, black, red, yellow, couple of greens, brown, blue and silver. In other words pretty much everything you need to slap on those figures.

While paints are great you can’t put it on minis with your fingers (well not with any precision). Luckily Reaper have thrown 4 synthetic brushes in there in various sizes (1 Round #1, 2 Round #3/0 and 1 Flat #2).

So on top of that and here’s the real excitement you get 8 random Reaper Bones miniatures. We honestly don’t know what is in each box. The box we opened had a couple of fantasy, a pathfinder mini and some Chronoscope miniatures.

Specifically the selection included Crowe, Seltyiel, Dub Bullock and a Hillbilly and a few more.

There’s also a set of instructions to help those that are newer to the hobby and on top of this, the box is at a great discount. Have a look at the video below and tell us what you think!

MiniatureGamer unboxing Reaper Paint & Take Suvival Kit

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