Reaper Miniatures Learn to Paint Kit: Core Skills Review

Reaper Miniatures are infamous for their Kickstarters , as well as the massive range of different genres of metal miniatures and plastic in the form of Bones and the recently added Black Bones lines. What they are probably less well known for are their paints, which is probably due in part to the availability in the UK and the huge competition from the likes of Games Workshop and Vallejo.

With all that said, Reaper do have a great range of paints that are very well regarded and it goes without saying they work really well with the Bones miniatures that the company also produces. So, if you wanted to try out some Reaper paints or even the Bones mini’s that the company produces then I can heartily recommend the Reaper Learn to Paint Core Skill painting kit.

What’s in the box?

Well… before we get to what’s inside, lets talk about the box. The boxes Reaper use to hold the Learn to Paint kits and some of their boxed mini sets remind me of the old school lunchboxes from the 80’s. They are a kind of hard cased clamshell design with sturdy clips. This is paired with a neat fitting piece of foam inside with 36 holes sized perfectly for the Reaper dropper bottle paints (same/similar as Vallejo and Army Painter) and a few other nooks and crannies for miniatures/brushes etc.

As this is a Learn to Paint kit, as you can imagine you get everything inside to get the beginner painting their first mini. So to help you along, you get three of some of the popular miniatures from the Bones line. This includes one Skeletal archer from 77018, 77042 Orc Marauder and Mangu Timur 77148. The minis give the beginner a good opportunity to paint different styles from bones, to green flesh, to metal armour.

Paint wise you get:

  • 9030 Leather Brown
  • 9037 Pure Black
  • 9439 Dragon White
  • 9452 Blade Steel
  • 9054 Polished Silver
  • 9433 Mountain Stone
  • 9200 Harvest Brown
  • 9413 Naga Green
  • 9432 Desert Sand
  • 9408 Candlelight Yellow
  • 29815 Dragon Blue

Which gives you a good selection of colours for painting the bones of the skeletons, flesh of the ogre as well as armour and leather of the individual miniatures.

Paint are no good without something to slap them on with so thankfully you get a couple of brushes in the box. You get a size 2 brush and a size 0 for more detailed work.

Last but definitely not least is a colour set of instructions by the award winning painter Rhonda Bender. The instructions are really clear and explain various techniques to get the best out of the kit.

You can get the great value Reaper Learn to Paint Core kit on the site here.

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